Real Madrid on the mmogo August 19, 2017 8:40 PM

By : Mm

Fellini can complete the NBA Live Coins gorgeous turn this season is not easy, the year before last summer, when Manchester United coach Moyes in the summer window before closing with 27.5 million pounds from the old man Everton hugged love to love Nepalese, when the British media generally on the transfer point of praise, strong and exaggerated


Outstanding Belgian tower seems very suitable for  NBA Live 18 Coins making Manchester United midfielder weak and inadequate, but unfortunately, Feleni last season but lost all year round, even once this summer will certainly be Vancouver cleaning. Of things, Mata who actually have appeared last season half as he came to Old Trafford as Manchester United history,


 British media "insight offside" broke the news, Manchester United eyeing the current Premiership one of the hottest center of the game, intended to invest 30 million pounds to win it, but coach Van Gaal would like to sign him does not seem easy. In the Bentke deal, in addition to Manchester United partner Liverpool participation,


 British media "Daily Star" broke the news, Real Madrid on the mmogo psychological price of 100 million pounds,Manchester United seems to accept the price, "insight offside" that Manchester United payment is 60 million pounds + Degea! Obviously, Manchester United for Bell almost crazy, if Degea's worth 50 million pounds, then the Welsh player's worth equivalent to a staggering 110 million pounds, in addition to Van Gaal's team but also prepared a up to 300,000 £ weekly salary contract.

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