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PSA Nitrogen Generators News: The air stream is compressed by an air compressor, which is then treated to remove dust, oil, and water. Drain the dry air through the air inlet valve and the left air intake valve and away from the absorber. He will increase the pressure in the compressed air, O2 molecules by carbon molecular sieve adsorption. N2 flows through the absorption bed, the left suction air outlet valve and the N2 valve enter the N2 tank. The process is called "left inhalation" and lasts for dozens of seconds. After the left suction is completed, the left absorption and the right absorption tower shall be connected by the upper and lower equalizing valves to the internal balance pressure.

This process is called average pressure, which will last 2 to 3 seconds. At the end of the equalizing pressure, the compressed air enters the right absorption tower through the air inlet valve and the right suction air inlet valve. The O2 molecules in compressed air are adsorbed by carbon molecular sieves. The accumulated nitrogen flows into the N2 tank through the right suction exit valve and the N2 valve. The process is called right absorption, which lasts for tens of seconds.

At the same time, the absorption of carbon molecular sieve through the O2 left absorption tower is released back to the environment through the left air decompression, and the above process is called desorption valve after desorption. Simultaneously, the absorption tower and desorption process to absorb the left tower. In order to release N2 completely, it is discharged from the carbon molecular sieve and discharged into the environment. The N2 stream should clear the absorption tower, and it will completely blow through the O2 absorption tower through the normally opened reverse purge valve. The above process is called blowback, and it is treated with desorption at the same time. When the right side is absorbed and the pressure balance is started, then the loop will continue to process when the left side absorbs the start.

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