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Many people have treadmills at home, all like barefoot running. Portable Treadmill vibration will cause unnecessary damage to the leg joints, soles of the feet sweating, but also easy to slip. Wear double thick socks can play a certain shock effect, but after all, there is no elastic socks elastic soles, instead of the role of sports shoes. So, exercise in the treadmill, it is best to wear double running shoes, running shoes than ordinary shoes to light, soles are relatively soft, suitable for use on treadmills. If not, ordinary shoes can be, but to choose a lighter, the foundation not too thick.

When running on a treadmill, if it is the speed of walking, then use walking exercise, remember not to jog at this time, pay attention to the time with the elbow swing. Another point to note is that when the treadmill exercise, the speed of less than 5km speed when running, the heart rate can not meet the standard running, your heat consumption is not enough, it is not easy to achieve our treadmill exercise effect, which need to pay attention.

Jogging speed is about 6 to 8km, which is also the best speed of jogging at the speed of the range you are on a treadmill jogging, although the speed is unpleasant, but very effective, which is also the most of the treadmill running enthusiasts like speed. But remember, do not use a small step to exercise, because the small pace to make their own heart rate decline, our heat consumption is not enough, can not achieve the effect of exercise.

No matter what things to do, have to pay attention to a degree, in this degree can get the best results, when more than the degree of time, but can not get the desired fitness effect, and sometimes may be counterproductive. Treadmill exercise is the same. When we are running during the exercise, the body will produce lactic acid, if the long exercise exercise, then, will accumulate a lot of lactic acid, this will lead to muscle soreness and fatigue and muscle spasms and other symptoms. Not only that, if the long exercise exercise, then the next day will feel very tired, the physical condition can not be restored, affecting the efficiency.



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