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Fire is beautiful. In the dark, it illuminates the way for us; in winter, it gives us a warm hug; in life, it allows us to taste the world's food. However, fire is also the most ruthless. It can destroy the beautiful picturesque rivers and mountains in an instant, and engulf the vibrant life in the blink of an eye. , Bring civilization progress, light and warmth to mankind. However, if the fire is out of control, it will cause great harm to humans and society. When the flame spreads all over the body, when the soul is dying and struggling Wholesale Cigarettes, when the life is strangled, in addition to being extremely anxious, helpless, in addition to sorrow and tears, we should deeply implement the knowledge of firefighting, and fundamentally understand the important fire fighting safety. Several forest farms under the four forestry bureaus of Qiang, Almu and Tahe also caught fire, causing the worst forest fire since the founding of the People's Republic of China. According to preliminary statistics, the burned area reached 1.01 million hectares, of which nearly 70% of the forest area. 614,000 square meters of houses were burned down. It contains 400,000 square meters of residential houses, 4 and a half wood storage yards, 9 forest farms, 855,000 cubic meters of stored materials, burned 2,488 sets of various equipment, and 6.5 million kilograms of grain. There are 67 bridges and culverts, 9.2 kilometers of special railway lines, 483 kilometers of communication lines, and 284.2 kilometers of transmission and transformation lines. More than 50,000 people were affected, 193 died and 226 were injured. At the scene of the "1115" fire incident, a man about 50 years old who lived on the 12th floor was outside when the fire broke out, while his wife stayed upstairs. Seeing the fire looming, it was likely to endanger his wife's life, the man desperately rushed into the building. Because the elevator lost its ability to operate after the fire, the man climbed the stairs and rushed up to the 12th floor. After knocking on the door, no one answered Newport Cigarettes Coupons, no one answered the phone at home. Thinking that his wife was not at home, the man ran down again, and then learned that his wife was still in the house, so he rushed back to the 12th floor and kicked the door open. At this time, the house was already on fire, and the wife was struggling. The man rushed in and dragged his wife to the door, then stumbled down the fire escape. All this is caused by people's improper use of fire, shouldn't we reflect on it? However, it is precisely because of this lesson of blood that people realize that life is so fragile in the face of fire, as if broken at the touch of it. They all say that "a star fire can catch the fire", so even a small flame cannot be ignored. As a middle school student, we have no ability or ability to solve this tearful scene, but I want to call on everyone to pay attention to fire fighting knowledge and stop letting "fire" become a dangerous species that destroys human homes and lives society. Let us join hands to create an unstoppable "firewall"; let us join hands to create a harmonious society Marlboro Gold.
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