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There is one exception we'll make for non-practical shoes this winter, and that's because it's finally party season. "We are in this moment when over-the-top glam for evening is exactly what everyone wants to wear," says Aiken. If sparkly stilettos aren't your thing, hit the dance floor with the return of fancy flats.

I started very selfishly, for myself, designing a sneaker that reminds me of the '80s, when I went out dancing on roller skates when I Yeezy Boost was 17. Something stupid, a little nostalgic. That style has been going on ten years.

In fact, I'd probably be willing to wear heels more often now that I have these tricks in my repertoire. I'd have a hard time saying which was more effective: the tape method or the maxi pad method. Today's launch of the first women's footwear collection from Frank Oak might just change the game.

Fergie, Fergalicious, The Dutchess - whatever you prefer to call her - has read my author bio and found out we have something in common. I read your description, you love John Waters movies and '80s hardcore rock. While the comfort and sustainability ethos are clearly the driving force behind the young brand's success, a push from the Meghan Markle corner doesn't hurt adidas Yeezy Boost either.

While their sustainability game is solid, it's not the main reason why the brand has developed a cult following in the short time since its launch. Leave it to London Fashion Week to motivate us to inject a bit of wow into our wardrobes. Running is the number one activity in fitness, and according to the athletic-wear giant's president Matt O'Toole, athletes are actively seeking shoes with a low environmental impact.

10. By participating in this contest, all entrants agree to be bound by these Rules and Regulations. The decisions of the contest judges are final. At the end of this three day experiment, I concluded that I will never wear heels again. Just kidding. No purchase necessary.

Still, walking around in the daytime in a shimmery piece can be daunting. My story is similar to Steve Jobs because I started in a garage with five people, Polegato says. Impacts aside, it remains true that every thrifted item is unique which encourages us to develop authentic style; to step out in something truly original.

Now, the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam has helped Vans create a new tribute to the Yeezy Boost Big Sale late icon. Over 2,000 pieces of art were considered before the streetwear brand decided on four paintings that fit the Vans aesthetic best. A striped raincoat is thrown casually over a chair. 

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