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fearful little jester whining about how the rest of us make you feel like an asshole because your views are those runescape gold of an asshole.You want to be an asshole but get treated like a noble, respected and valued member of the subreddit, and you too stupid and vain to imagine that the problem is not the majority.It you, and every other asshole that wants to have shitbag views yet not be treated like a shitbag.I have to vent.

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Ashton and Demi first sit down ever as couple: marriage goals, Post It notesAshton Kutcher and Demi Moore are guests for the hour on Morgan Tonight in their first sit down ever as a couple. They talk in great detail about their DNA Foundation and "Real Men Don Buy Girls" campaign against sex trafficking. But they also talked about their career and their marriage. marriage goes,

I think most people set getting married as the goal, as opposed to being married, which is a different thing, Kutcher told Piers Morgan, saying it important to on it when it good. also discussed how their Men Don Buy Girls campaign helps their marriage.know that what the main goal is, the big goal is, is to transform the quality of life for people, said Kutcher. Moore added: in doing so it does that for us.

asked if Kutcher is romantic and Moore said ye: have post it notes placed in various locations all with messages of encouragement or love or just thought. Some have been there seven years. she had to have the first word, the last word and constantly had to REPEAT what someone else had already said. She loves attention and hear herself talk. PLEASE! As far as her looking younger as she grows older.

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Its called LOTS AND LOTS OF WORK . Face it Demi. no amount of Plastic Surgery to include your eye lifts are making you look younger . it makes u look PLASTIC. I see why Ashton lis looking elsewhere. He looks like your son. And stop interrupting others, including your when he is speaking. just to repeat what they were saying. You are not his mother, just becoz you look like it. I hope if u r going to continue making appearances about this idea. Just to keep an eye on your husband. then listen to yourself and know WE DO NOT WANT TO HEAR YOUR VOICE. SO I WILL TOO REPEAT. STFU! You need a script to be interesting and since u cant get scripts any longer, I can see why u need to incessantly talk. Thank goodness for the MUTE button!

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