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It not the quest bonus that OP, it the relatively easy access to a t75 weapon. To upgrade from a god staff previously, you had to get 90 runecrafting for the greater runic staff, 80 dungeoneering and magic for a chaotic staff, camp glacors for 1000 kills after RoTM for an armadyl battlestaff or complete the vampire quest series for blisterwood weaponry and eventually the sunspear. Now you can get it in a week or so by spamming easy quests. This completely changes the game for ironman accounts

Not a fan of multiclassing because my games tend to level super slow so I would really feel the hurt from not having higher level spells (I want that fireball). Mask of many faces did draw my attention and the fiend spell list looks fun. My current group is a gunslinger, drunken master monk, fey bladelock/moon druid, and a rogue/fighter. We don have much healing outside of the druid/warlock so that why I was considering divine soul for healing word and other healing spells.

Not the designers, so this is speculative, but the idea of the EK or AT are those who are still mostly their base class with all the bonuses that entails who dabble in the arcane. You can absolutely make a DIY half caster by taking the fighter/rogue and the casting class of your choice instead. This is also why the Knight and Trickster are limited in spell selection,

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