In a blink of an eye, six years December 30, 2018 3:00 AM

By : gfgfgfgfgfgf5

In a blink of an eye, six years of life in elementary school is coming to an end. I really can't give up, and I have lived with my classmates and teachers for six yearsl remember how scared I was when I first entered the Sixth Child, because I know that elementary school and kindergarten are different. There are many more homework assignments than kindergartens. Also, I just entered this (1). I don't know anyone here, I am afraid, but now I want to come, I feel that I was so cute at that about to graduate now, I feel that my childhood life is the best, but sometimes I don't think it is because thereary school life. Teacher Xu can say that I am the best. I don't know why, I really want to chat with Teacher Xu. I have a lot of words to say to her, like the water, the flow can not flow. Teacher Xu, you just paid us a year, and our friendship with you is a lot, and the flowers are not spent. Now we have to graduate, but our friendship with you ates, I really can't bear you. You have lived with me for six years. Our feelings are so much so. Our stories can be written as a book. We have classes on campus every day, and there are always some that make me hard to forget, like that one. eve of the Mid-Autumn Festival, during a comprehensive class, the teacher smiled and walked in and said: "Tomorrow is the Mid-Autumn Festival Cheap Smokes Online Free Shipping. Let's find out how the delicious fruit on the table comes." The teacher hasn't finished talking yet, the class is a piece. cheer. The teacher asked us first: "Banana has been eaten by everyone. Who knows where the banana is growing?" Someone said: "This is too simple. Bananas are of course grown on banana trees." The teacher said Cheap Cigarette Online Free Shipping, "Yes, banana. It grows on the tree. Bananas are planted in the south, and we rarely have them in the north. Everyone knows that bananas are very sweet and nutritious." "Who knows where the chestnuts are?" This time, the whole class is screaming. Discussed: "The chestnuts are growing under the ground." "NONONO, if the chestnuts are growing underground, why are the chestnut surfaces so smooth? I think the chestnuts are on the ground, like watermelons." "Bring the chestnuts out with water." It��s not clean.�� ��What��s wrong with this, you��re not right Cigarettes Online Cheap Free Shipping. If the chestnuts grow on the ground, then the next heavy rain will not rot, so the chestnuts are growing on the trees.�� The teacher called the call. The loudest classmate, he said: "The chestnuts are growing in the water." He didn't finish his words, and the whole class laughed. Some people say, "If you put the walnuts in the water Newport Wholesale Cigarettes, you should be soaked for a year." The teacher told everyone not to laugh, and asked a classmate to let him answer. He said: "The chestnuts are growing on the trees." The chestnut grows on the tree. It has pointed thorns on the outside. There are one or three chestnuts in the shell Newport Short Carton. When it is ripe, it will open the shell. If we pick it by hand, it will pierce the finger, so only You can use the bamboo pole to knock it down, and then use the stick to knock out the chestnuts." "Oh, it turned out to be like this!" "We just mentioned the walnuts, where is the walnut?" This time it is difficult for everyone. Live: The walnuts we see are always dirty, like growing in the soil, like growing on trees, and growing on the ground like watermelon. Just when everyone was confused, the teacher announced the correct answer. It turned out that the walnuts grow on the tree, and there is a thick layer of green skin on the outside. The walnuts sold outside have knocked out the green skin. Sometimes the skin of the walnut we see is dirty. It is because the peeling is not cleaned. After drying, the skin is black.

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