2012 is about to return, along with t November 02, 2018 11:35 PM

By : gfgfgfgfgfgf5

2012 is about to return, along with the predictions of the destruction of the earth. I have been another year. In this year, what have you experienced, what you have gained, and what crazy things you have done... At this the thoughts gradually flow away with the passage of time~~What is the meaning of the unnecessary promise, those who are old and old will not be happy, your love can only bring you pain~ heartache, heartbreak The pain is the result of wishful thinking. I can only watch the sunset slowly disappear into the passage of time. I don't need that unnecessary love, no need to promise~~ This year, I experienced too much pain... ��what is love? It is endless pain~~ Waiting for the promise of sea and stone! ! Let everything go with the wind... The wind is carrying all the sadness, pain Cigarette Tobacco For Sale, sadness, troubles~~ Why do I hesitate, I think my heart is only the last hope~~ has never died since ancient times, and you have to take the heart of the heart!" This verse of iron bones is made by Wen Tianxiang, the great national hero of our country Newport Cigarettes Price. My ardent patriotism and lofty national integrity made me deeply shocked.en I read that Wen Tianxiang sold his own property as a military squad in order to recruit troops and resist the Yuan, I was puzzled. Why didn��t he surrender like some people? That way Newport Cigarettes Website, you can live a life without worry, and you can be a bigger official. Isn��t that better? Oh! When I read what Wen Tianxiang was taken after being captured: "When the country is dead, there can be no two hearts." I realized it. In the face of persuasion, Wen Tianxiang used the verse in "Zero Crossing Dingyang", "He has never died since ancient times, and he has taken the heart of the heart!" The meaning of this poem is: "Life has been alive since ancient times, who has not died? To die for the country Marlboro Red, to die, leave this sincere heart to follow the history of Qing!" Wen Tianxiang's rhetoric about the Yuan Dynasty is even more contemptuous. The rulers of the Yuan Dynasty saw that he was soft and did not eat hard. He was put on a torture device and was held in jail. Three years in jail! He did not make Wen Tianxiang succumb Carton Of Newports, and they worried that Wen Tianxiangould learn Wen Tianxiang's kind of unyielding, loyal and patriotic spirit!

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