Every time I saw the occurrence of a September 10, 2018 9:56 PM

By : ylq

Every time I saw the occurrence of a car accident, I could not help but hit the hearts of the world��s citizens. Some people said: "This may be the ultimate destination of his fate." No, this is not, everyone is the master of their own lives. Safety is the beginning of a precious life and the fulfillment of a happy life. Although life is sometimes very fragile, if we pay attention to safety, there will be no such tragedy. When the red light, the rear-end incident was frequently anxious, many people lost their lives, and their families were grieved. Here, as a citizen of the world, I urgently appeal to everyone: for your family, you should pay attention to safety, obey the traffic plan, and cherish the fragile life.Every time I go back to my hometown, I will see a traffic controller in blue and blue hat. In order to maintain order, whether it is severe cold or hot summer, whether it is windy or rainy, they insist on standing on the side of the road every day Cigarettes Online, holding a small face flag, hanging a whistle on the chest, and maintaining the traffic without bothering. Undoubtedly, they are the guardian angels of life.However, "there are people who joked that the pedestrian street lamp is ��suicide crossing the road��!�� I witnessed the traffic accident of all the ��warriors�� and red lightIt was a twilight on Saturday Cigarettes For Sale, and it was cloudy and cloudy, and a storm was coming. I just came back from the supplementary class. On this cold road, who wouldn't want to go home early? Many parents are rushing home by car. At this time, a middle-aged man caught my attention: the gray hat was placed on his head, and the scarf was tightly wrapped around his neck. Riding a worn-out bicycle quickly, flashing from me, frightened, with a nine-year-old child behind. I can't help but think: Why are you riding so fast? Your child is still behind! The green light turned yellow, and the uncle still resolutely rode. The red light is on, and my mother and I consciously stand on the sidewalk waiting. However, the uncle used all kinds of big car and motorcycle to whistle from the side and continued to ride forward. I think, it should stop now! When I was worried Marlboro Cigarettes Online, unexpected things happened. Suddenly, a small passenger car flew from his left side. With a muffled sound, I saw the car hit him into the sky two or three meters high. The car behind him flew past the front, rolled over his lap, died on the spot, and his child was seriously injured.I remembered that the child lost his father who loved him, and I was sad for him. "The red light stops green light", the three-year-old child knows the children's song, isn't the adult still knowing? On average, one person died in a car accident every six minutes nationwide. Dear pedestrians, please be concerned with your parents, in order to love your children, let us cherish life, travel safely, and be a civilized citizen. Security" is a permanent topic. When peace and development become the theme of the times, security becomes more important, and a peaceful and peaceful life needs security, economic take-off needs security, and the development of the times needs security. Therefore, we will, as always, carry out the safety work to the end, truly follow the example of obeying the rules and disciplines, and be brave enough to fight against various acts that endanger safety. It is true that we always want to be safe everywhere, and everyone should be safe Buy Marlboro Cigarettes Online. Let the security alarm always stir in our ears, let us work together and have a bright future together Newport 100S

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