Love was NBA Live Mobile Coins a beast September 01, 2017 3:08 AM

By : WEN

David Blatt never connected with LeBron James, andin the end that's why he was fired in Cleveland. But Blatt's inability to effectively blend Kevin Love into the Cavaliers' offense might go down as his greatest blemish.In Minnesota, Love was NBA Live Mobile Coins a beast, the type of scoring machine that was an offense all by himself. Blatt, however, never seemed interested in having


Love do much of anything other than spot up along the perimeter. He'd call the occasional post-up for him, but most of those seemed forced rather than a natural way to use one of the league's most talented offensive players.Since taking over for Blatt last week, new head coach Tyronn Lue appears determined to address that failure.


In five games at the helm, Love is averaging 19.2 points and shooting 50 percent from the field, a significant jump from the 16 points on 42 percent shooting he was averaging under Blatt. It's no surprise Cleveland has won four of those games.Even more promising: those numbers are climbing. Love dropped 21 points last


Wednesday against Phoenix, an impressive 29 on Friday against the Pistons and 21 on Saturday against the Spurs and their vaunted D. In each of those games, Love has gotten off to a fast start. "It was by design," Lue said of Love's 14-point first quarter output Saturday against the Spurs,


"Kevin had it going early, so we wanted to Buy NBA 2K18 MT keep featuring Kevin."The biggest difference under Lue thus far is one Cavs fans have been clamoring for since he was traded to Cleveland last season. Love's favorite spot on the floor in Minnesota was the elbow, the area on either side of the foul line.

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