From there he could Madden 18 Coins September 01, 2017 3:07 AM

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From there he could easily knock down jumpers, get to Madden 18 Coins the hoop with one dribble, turn and post or survey the defense and hit open cutters and shooters. And yet, Blatt never seemed comfortable giving Love the ball there.Lue has already made an effort to change that.


Since Lue took over, Love is averaging 5.6 elbow touches per game, compared to 3.8 under Blatt, Love is also shooting much more frequently once he does get the ball there. Lue hasn't overhauled the offense as much as he or his proponents want us to think.


The Cavaliers do seem to be playing faster, though they're actually averaging fewer possessions per 48 minutes then they were under Blatt, according The difference is the way in which Cleveland is now pushing the ball. The Cavaliers aren't recklessly flying up the court, but if an opportunity arises to get a quick shot, they are now prepared to take advantage.


And it's Love who is often benefiting. These two little tweaks -- giving him the ball where he likes and pushing the ball up the floor for more open shots in transition -- have Love playing more aggressively than he was under Blatt. Even his teammates have noticed."I think right now Love]'s finally getting comfortable in his role," LeBron James said following the Cavaliers' impressive 117-103 win over the Spurs on Saturday, via theAkron Beacon Journal. "


I think coach Lue has done a great job Buy Madden NFL 18 Coins clearing the air what he expects out of all of us, including Kev, and he's a big focal point of our team. When he's playing locked in like this, it's great for us."Being the third wheel is a tough gig in the NBA, especially for a player like Love who rose to prominence by having everything go through him. The last time we saw a player immediately go from option No. 1 to.

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