Eco-friendly Promotion
  • With the explosion of eco-friendly products over the last few years, we are finding new and exciting ways to incorporate the green movement into our everyday lives. Reducing our waste, reusing our products in new and interesting ways and recycling will all help to save the earth and its precious resources.
    Eco-friendly wine racks are just one of the many products that can now be found that embrace the green lifestyle, whether you choose one made of bamboo or cork or one repurposed from a product that has already seen one life, you are doing your part to help sustain the earth.
    Because of the different colours and patterns found in bamboo, having a bamboo wine rack in your home will add to your dcor while being a fully functional piece. Bamboo is strong enough to support many bottles of wine at once and won't absorb liquids, lose its shape or succumb to cracks or warping like other wine racks can.
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