porcelain or composite materials
  • purchase expensive marble tiles for their kitchen or have their walls painted with water-resistant paints, but for the garage floor, it is still the age old concrete that gets the preference. This is not a right thing to do. Garage floors get exposed to various corrosive substances, such as, antifreeze

    used in car coolant tanks and radiators, battery acids, salt, grease, and motor oil. On prolonged exposure, these can eat through concrete, often severely damaging the floor. Putting up dry walls in a garage is a good thing to do, but some form of some garage flooring is also required. Garage

    floors can be protected in a variety of ways. These can be coated with epoxy and vinyl. Sure, it's laborious, but the longevity and superior protection it can provide to the floor makes it all worth it. This process is also not very expensive, and hence, a very good option for most homeowners. Floor

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