ceiling is not strong
  • the mind to do. Finally, due to the installation is not detailed enough, leading to the ceiling is not solid, often planted the root cause of home security. Countermeasures: ceiling is not strong is the curse, ceiling installation is not solid, then there will be danger of collapse. Therefore, the installation, be sure to ceiling keel, plates and other solid

    installation, do not plant the curse. Third, the acceptance error Ceiling a wide range of projects, but no matter what type of rational design, high-quality materials, standard construction technology is to ensure quality and safety of the important factors. In addition, the acceptance of work is also essential, the following is the acceptance of the

    four errors, understand the error to avoid the misunderstanding into the acceptance. Acceptance does not check the cleanliness Perhaps some people may think that the ceiling will not be dusty, do not need to clean the check, but if the ceiling is Diego Diego bump shape, it is easy to stain dirt. Countermeasures: The ceiling easily hidden

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