Gold ore processing process and production line equipment introduction
  • Some owners consider the ceiling may have a sense of oppression, it is intended to use the mirror to extend the visual space, ease the depression caused by the ceiling too low. From the traditional cultural theory point of view, the mirror design on the ceiling will have a negative impact. Because the mirror from the reaction of the scene will be

    consistent with the floor, a symbol of 'heaven and earth are not open' situation, contrary to the laws of nature, will allow home stagnation. And long-term exposure by the mirror, people see the shadow of their own upside down, mental health of older children may also be affected. Third, should not be uneven or sharp corners Some

    buildings left flawed, the ceiling showed a slight tilt. According to traditional culture, this sloping roof tends to depress occupants and requires ceiling decoration through post-renovation. The same is true of the ceiling design, should try to avoid the choice of rugged, or with sharp corners of the shape. Traditional culture believes that for a

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