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  • As I writing this, the roads around Des Moines and Central Iowa are clear and ice-free. We are in one of those welcome winter thaws that has melted off the snow and ice that covered streets and driveways just last week. Of course, Mother Nature can take all the credit ?she always gets a little help from the road crews that plow the streets and spread brine, salt, and sand to melt whatever they can plow away.

    Of course, as Midwesterners we know that safe streets come at a price. Anyone who lived in this area for more than a winter or two knows that the chemicals used to melt ice and snow can also, in time, chew right through car fenders. So we invest in rust proofing and undercoating to protect our vehicles, and we make it a point to rinse off all the road grime whenever the temperature is going to stay above freezing for a few hours.

    Unfortunately, there not quite as much awareness of the damage that those same chemicals can do to your garage floor, or that a high performance garage floor coating can do just as much to protect your garage floor as undercarriage protection can do for your car.

    The fact is, each year de-icing chemicals wreak havoc on Iowa road surfaces. Then, in the spring, crews go to work repairing that damage until the cycle begins all over again later in the year. But who going to repair your garage floor? After all, each time you drive into the garage off a sloppy, slushy, snowy road with those big ugly snow tumors packed into the wheel well, youe effectively spreading the same damaging chemicals all over your unprotected garage floor. After just one bad winter, you can easily deposit enough de-icer on your floor to cause spalling, flaking, and pitting in unprotected concrete.

    Garage Floor Epoxy Protects Against Concrete Damage

    Bare concrete doesn stand a chance against road-clearing chemicals. Applying one of those store-bought garage floor paint kits offers scarcely more protection than having nothing at all. It takes a heavy-duty coating to resist the damaging effects of de-icing chemicals. That why I use a heavy-duty somekeyword that embodies the properties of both a high performance epoxy and an acrylic polyurethane in one coat. In simpler terms, this is one tough coating. Tough enough to protect offshore oil rigs, municipal water towers, and even Australia Millenium Train. It certainly tough enough to protect a garage floor in Des Moines!

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