take a shortcut in preparing your garage floor
  • you have lots of options. You can roll out a rubber floor mat, you can go with interlocking floor tiles, or you can choose to paint on a durable epoxy coating. While it takes more time and preparation than the other options, painting your garage floor will give you a beautiful and durable surface. If you plan to use your garage both for

    parking your car and other uses, a paint or epoxy surface may be your best bet. Some garage floor paints are simpler one part formulations, while others are more complicated 2 part epoxy products. Regardless of you choice of garage floor epoxy, the importance of proper preparation and application cannot be overemphasized. While it might be tempting

    to save some time and take a shortcut in preparing the concrete floor, make sure you follow the manufacturers instruction to the letter. Time spent in proper application should
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