Garage floor paint is also becoming
  • great! Another very popular and very useful tip when adding garage floors coatings is to add sand or kitty litter to the paint before painting the floors. The extra bumps in the paint will provide traction on the floor of the garage. This will be very nice for the winter months when you wake up to a yard and driveway covered with snow. If you put the extra

    sand or kitty litter into the paint, you will ensure that when you come back in from shoveling the drive or returning from work you will have a sure place to put your feet down.

    This can eliminate the possibility of slipping on a wet floor. The water that drips from your wet tires can make for a slippery mess on a flatly painted garage floors. Why not add some traction to your steps by adding sand or kitty litter. This could save you from falling and hurting yourself.Garage Floor Paint Can Improve the Look and Feel of Your

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