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    Yeah, even if you instantly mute every guy instantly that does it after it happens multiple times a day you will start to not want to even play the game due to it, i myself get a sinking feeling as soon as i hear someone start blaming her for being a girl and i can only imagine how it must feel for her when that happens, we will probably just try to play some other games if we want to have fun instead to get a break from overwatch when she starts feeling down over it. 3 points submitted 11 months ago

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    Well first thing you should do is get perks before bossing. It increases dps by quite a bit when you get crackling, biting 3, precise/equil combo and aftershock. It also depends what settings you did for the dummy but your numbers probably isn too bad when you consider no perks, zgs switch, adren pots, not maxed melee stats etc. Keep in mind though, knowing a good dps rotation doesn always translate into being good at pvm. For example, its much harder to work around mechanics and do dps vs freely doing dps at a dummy. Theres people who can do good gems but have slow telos times or slow duo solak times etc

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