Sitting in front of the smal December 06, 2018 2:11 AM

By : ylq

Sitting in front of the small window, sitting no matter where it is, anywhere, you are in the distance. There are only old vines in the vicinity, only the old house vultures that inhabit the birds, the stump tiles that are covered with weeds, the broken cliffs, the night owls are fighting back, the sparrows are long and low, the wind is over the bells, the rain Falling forest, bee flying saucer dancing grass insects, night worms... The songs of the four seasons are constantly coming and going. Here, the quietness of the moon is not silent.ay the fog filled, and the world shrank to the small me in front of the small window, missing the moon. One day, I was dizzy Cheap Newport 100 Cigarettes, weaving treetops, weaving the roof tiles, yellowing the homing crows, the thrilling beauty of the evening, but I still miss the moon. One day it was snowing and the moon didn't come out, but there was a silver jade outside the window, like a crystal labyrinth. One day, the rain is heavy, there is no moon in nature, and the clouds are open, the sun is full of fire Wholesale Cigarette, and the sky is full of its might, I am lost, I don��t like white. In countless days, those years, the moon should remember, there is a man sitting on a small bench, once in front of a small window, once and for all, looking up and looking up, escaping to rely on this quiet place.oon as I saw the moon, my heart was calm and quiet. There is a line like that, passing it, as long as it passes through it Buy Cheap Cigarettes Free Shipping, there will be pure air on the heart, long, soft, and honest, such as a piece of infuriating fire to extinguish a group of purple black flames, like the moon palace, heart crossing Above the floating dust. So time has slowed down, just like the slow motion in the movie, people are not so flustered, you can let go of your heart to see every movement of your movement clearly, every slap in the efore, the silence of the moon is not isolated from the quiet, and it continues to be because of the solitude of the surrounding and the heart Cheap Newport 100S Cigarettes Online. A soulless soul, as expected, went back to the beginning of life. clouds are light and the wind is thin. Look at this fallen star. I don't know who else is laughing with me to watch the moonlight moonlight.y waiting for silence is not only the poet, but also the beauty of the ages. The moon is full of affection, I have brought you man dance; the moon knows, willing to be drunk with you from a stranger; the moon is still there, there is no gorgeous twenty-four bridge; the evening curtain autumn wind, there is no exquisite bead curtain here. The moon gently and quietly walks in the hustle and bustle of the night sky, lest youtly hold a moonlight into my arms, I caress the moonlight that settles in my heart, and the moonlight that passes through the millennium blurs my soul. After an English exam was taken, my temper became gloomy. Looking at a group of crows flying back in the sky, it seems as if something is pressing on my heart. The mother took the initiative to ask me to go out with her to buy clothes. I didn't answer it. I looked at the leaves of a big tree outside the window and fell to the ground. I was blown away by a gust of wind, and my heart returned with the leaves. I also know that my mother saw me in a depressed state and was very anxious. I promised. That day, my mother and I were wandering around the street, saying that it was a distraction, and my heart was very messy. When I walked to a clothing store, my mother turned her words and said that I was too fat to buy clothes. I muttered, just can't buy it. I didn't know the anger in my mother's heart, and I had already endured the field. Later, the mother turned around and hurried away, saying that she would not buy if she did not buy. I followed her, rushing all the way, not talking much. When I got home, it was even more terrible. I sat down for a while and stood up for a while before I realized that I had a big disaster. In the evening, my mother lost the soul and watched TV in the living room. I was sitting in the study room and I was so uncertain Cheap Marlboro 100 Cigarettes. I looked at the moon like a moon, so it was a good round, because this night is Mid-Autumn Festival. I gently plucked the round moon, a round cool, splashy, sprinkled on my heart, carrying endless pain, imprisoned my emotions. I hate this moonlit night, desolation, the solitude of the world, people have joys and sorrows, the moon is cloudy and full, all the lights are on, telling me that the moon is sunny, people are happy, only me, yes Sad. The TV set downstairs was very loud, and the voice of a crisp female host came up: "Reunion is the plot of our Chinese nation. I ill a round of tomorrow to accept me. Only she knows me, just like a confidant, a gentleman's turn, not a vain, a mountain stream, and so on. Just as Zhang Xiaofeng said in one of his novels: Confucius needs a Taishan to let him discover the world's smallness; Li Bai needs a Jingting Mountain to let him have the object of "seeing two and not tired" when the clouds are flying; Xin Jiaxuan needs a charming green hill, henever I see the dark sky, I still embed this circle cool, I suddenly feel that the soul is being hit by a kind of warmth, there is no reason.

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