I don��t see it all December 06, 2018 2:10 AM

By : ylq

I don��t see it all. But it is not unreasonable to say it. People often focus on the phrase "knowledge can change fate", in fact,ing from the history of the civilization of the world, in terms of the history of countless individuals, thought, spirit, and faith are the power of life! belief is too big! It��s so big that I can��t describe it. It is as large as a country, a society, and a very specific individual. In short, faith is like a medicine, you can't stop eating, it is a pillar of your spiritual world. If you have faith, you will have awe, impulsiveness, behavior, and emotion. You will resist the evil in your heart, and the individual will be beautiful. At the same time, the society will be is a medicine. It is not only a belief in Confucianism Buy Marlboro 100 Cigarettes Online, Buddhism, Taoism, and folk culture, but also a cure for one.ial, I am right and let go first. I want to talk about individuals! so-called "heartlessness in the heart of the world", as long as you can stand up to your own conscience, your own beliefs, and strengthen in your own spiritual world Buy Wholesale Cigarettes, you can be clear-minded, resist others' arguments and accusations, and complete Part of the seems to be an invisible virtual body. Before it happens, no one will go to the heart, but I feel the warmth of human nature.ead an article in the book about a migrant worker who read Zhuangzi. In "Zhuangzi"; "Between the heavens and the earth, if the white horses pass through the gap, suddenly it has already." This sentence became the life belief of the migrant worker. In the face of short-lived life, we must first have a kind of attitude that can determine the quality of our lives. The author of the article I secretly admire the migrant worker, who is unaccompanied by a stranger Newport 100S Carton Price. It is not easy to face it with such a change. No matter what kind of suffering, God gave you a blow to your life, remembering the beliefs in your heart, just like a deserted lotus, crossing the red dust, floating.ple always believe in life, just like the migrant worker just now, let yourself be peaceful, no faith, I am afraid there is no happiness. In fact, people with faith rarely exaggerate their beliefs. You can talk to faith, but don't fight against faith. Faith is a soul-clear person who lives deep in your soul. It is not limited to religious forms. It is all that the world consists of. sitting in front of a small window to write this article. The window was clear and cold, and an autumn wind hit me. It��s so cold! I was awake by this gust of wind for a while, only to find that it was very late at night, except that I was breathing, nothing else, the night worms also retreated, leaving me and a bright moon. I am a little confused, what is the belief in the moon, and should it be? The moon smiled and told me with her lonely and clear body that her belief was; quiet. Then we all laughed. Yes, it will only be quiet at night, and the dust will settle. Everything seems to have a tacit understanding, and the moon comes out to enjoy the unique silence. autumn night, the moon is like water, quietly swaying between the heavens and the earth. I emptied my mood, and I held a bright moonlight in my heart Duty Free Marlboro Cigarettes. The gentleness and gentleness brought by Ren Tianguo flowed in my heart. It was a kind of soft and pleasant, it was a wonderful intoxication, it was a What a mysterious care. Dreams are generally shrouded in me, I don��t know if it��s autumn, or if it��s autumn, or autumn, it��s my feelings Cheap Newport Cigarettes Wholesale. The sound of moonlight flowing in my heart makes people feel so intoxicated, thousands of turns, hundreds of thousands of times. It��s a bit like a dream that��s like ��I��m crazy, my heart is drunk, I��ed in the moonlight of the smile, and I was moved by this "quiet" night. My heart jumped and asked a question in the brain; what can save a living but dead person? My happy brain immediately spurred a moment, life is inevitably encountering all kinds of right and wrong, all kinds of hardships, then, what to save yourself? 

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