The need of glass curtain wall structure shading December 06, 2018 12:09 AM

By : ahwhglass

After the energy crisis of the 1970s, different systems were developed to enhance the thermal performance with glass curtain walls. The glass curtain wall will be leading structure of the population building's outer protective composition. It is the a lot of active and sensitive portion of the building's heat transaction and heat transfer. It is 5-6 times of losing the traditional wall, and its energy consumption accounts for the entire building vigor consumption. About 40%, and so the energy saving of this colored Laminated glass curtain wall has a very important position.

In Cina, with the development on the market economy, building energy conservation is usually an urgent need for your sustainable development of China's economic system and society. The knowing of energy conservation and topographical protection of construction items and design units is consistently improving, and the energy conservation requirements for glass curtain walls are frequently improving. Although the glass drape wall building adopts the shading measures to obtain the desired heat warmth and energy saving effect, at present, the parties at this stage tend not to pay enough attention for this. A poorly designed building that has a glass curtain wall might consume four times more electricity a year than a typical concrete floor façade building. The glass curtain wall is known for a service life of FIFTY years, and its energy-saving effect is of course far superior to short-life atmosphere conditioners, refrigerators, and boilers. Consequently, the energy saving regarding glass curtain wall buildings is more important as opposed to energy conservation of different building products. The development of sun curtain wall shading technology is usually the most potential application for building energy conservation.

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