Large Maintenance Machinery 2016 Quality Work

  • January 18, 2016 Large Maintenance Machinery quality of the work will be held in Kunming. Kunming Railway equipment and supervision of the Project Department, China Railway Construction equipment Hi-tech Co., Ltd., Zhuzhou CSR Times Electric Co., Ltd., CSR Qishuyan Locomotive & Rolling Stock Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd., China Academy of Railway Sciences Unit of the Commonwealth and other large maintenance machinery leaders attended the meeting.

    Meeting to convey to learn the spirit of the 2015 China Railway Railway Engineering and Power conference, we summarize the various units of the Commonwealth in 2015 the quality of work and quality of work in 2016 proposed the idea. January 2016, all road works and supply work conference held in Beijing, meeting a comprehensive review and summary of the 2015 Railway Engineering and Power Systems main work and achievements, make arrangements for the 2016 Public Works and powered focus .

    Supervisor Program Director Zhang Baoming comprehensive summary of the 2015 product acceptance and management work is completed, the main problems and the main Railway Construction equipment supporting the existence of the business, and in 2016 proposed major work. All units respectively in 2015 the quality of work and quality of work carried out in 2016 a statement.

    The participants of the exchange statement that in 2015 the overall quality steadily improved, the quality problems, through timely communication and coordination, joint efforts have been effectively resolved. 2016 should continue to promote safety risk management, and actively implement the spirit of the whole railway works and supply work conference, to strengthen after-sales service and close information exchange and jointly promote the large-scale road maintenance machinery and improve quality.

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