The Led Light Panel light provided by the LED lamp
  • The Led Light Panel light provided by the LED lamp is full spectrum white light. With fluorescent lamps the spectra is not complete, thus some colors are not present.

    This can cause clothing and makeup to appear different colors. It can also cause eyestrain in some people.

    The full spectra light offered by the LED lamp is the same spectra as provided by the sun or a traditional lights. The result is much less eyestrain.

    While businesses will pay significantly more for the initial installation cost of LED lighting, they will recover the cost through the years with lower power bills and less maintenance costs as the panels will not need to be replaced as often as other types of lighting. LED lamps can help to reduce global use or natural resources.

    There are many varieties of landscape lighting available on the market today. The most frequently installed is either a low voltage 12 volt system or solar lights.

    There are 120 volt lighting systems also available which are usually not used for residential applications, but larger commercial properties and facilities.

    There are several advantages of using solar lamps over a 12 volt landscape lighting system and vice versa.

    The popularity of exterior lighting which uses solar panels for powering each individual lamp has blossomed in the 48w Led Panel passed 15 years.

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