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  • not the visual kei actor Glyph buff, in the current 5.4PTR, arms warrior talent changes not a nerf, full buff up as much as 15! Based on the above changes, the cattle king can responsibly predict warrior pvp in 5.4 will have a larger role in the promotion, Article 7 and Article 9 of the core outbreak buff for enhancing the soldiers have the most significant effect. S14-for-522 in the season the first week of weapons, weapons of war will get a quality big boost (like red individual 2200 must seize this weeks ah!) Weapon damage a stepped enhance the warfare of the overall damage lifting larger than many other occupations, that week with 180% damage Bladestorm + 363% weapon damage under giant onslaught, many soldiers can play a spike-like damage again. Niu Jun to initiate a related skills loop: Under 30 Fury Slam buff background, heroic skills can be a permanent drag the bar in pvp. 30 heroic anger quickly relieved full of anger often outweigh the benefits. Outbreak core high damage that squeeze more punch under the giant. So after assault skills becomes: assault - death - Giants (in this case a minimum of 45 rage) - Slam - Slam / compression - lethal - punching / pressing - pressing - pressing - death - next assault. Basic output cycle basically followed: 1. Giants play next hit, outside the Giants beat repression, kept before the outbreak of anger. 2. Giants best not to fight inside a giant, to ensure maximum coverage of the Giants debuff. 3. senki still open with reckless, reckless below Slam play, not to fight repression. Value anger because anger high damage hit 30 greatly enhanced so [angry cow impact Glyph] is still necessary Glyph.

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