The Requirement Is Uniform
  • In the production of ultrafine vertical mill, many factors will affect the grain shape of the finished product, and the grain shape determines whether the finished product can be used well, so in order to get a better finished product, let’s introduce what factors will Affect the grain shape of the superfine ground product.
    The ultrafine vertical mill is a new generation of ultra-fine powder production equipment. It has the advantages of wide application range, good performance, and good quality. The particle size range of the finished product can be adjusted within a specific range.
    However, customers are The requirement is uniform, but many factors have a certain influence on the grain shape of the ultrafine vertical mill. Only by handling these influencing factors can we produce a finished product that meets the requirements. Let’s introduce what are the factors that affect the ultrafine vertical mill. The grain type of the abrasive product has an effect.
    LUM ultrafine vertical mill:

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