The Structure Of Vertical Roller Mill
  • Vertical roller mills belong to industrial machinery products and are often used in the field of industrial milling. In fact, it can also be used as a small household ultra-fine grinder, mainly for grinding dry materials such as medicinal materials, food, and feed, which is convenient and quick.

    vertical roller mill:

    The structure of the household small vertical roller mill is similar to that of an industrial mill, mainly composed of a feeding port, a silo, a grinding chamber, and a motor. When it works, the material first enters the grinding chamber from the feeding port and is crushed and squeezed into ultra-fine powder. The crushed material is worn by the high-speed airflow in the grinding chamber and enters the powder collecting device, where it is collected and discharged.

    Compared with general industrial pulverizers, household small ultra-fine pulverizers have more prominent advantages: simple structure, small size, and convenient use. They are more suitable for use in homes, pharmacies, hospitals and other places in terms of carrying and placing. So it is very popular in the market.

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