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  • BxNN reporter Alex Kratz was there and will post rs3 gold a more detailed account later, but he said the majority of those who attended a strong showing of Wakefield and Woodlawn residents, and many members of the Northwest Bronx Community and Clergy Coalition are against the city's plan to fill the building with a homeless shelter, and support the idea of moving the National Guard from an annex at the Kingsbridge Armory into the Wakefield site to free up school space (you can read some more background in yesterday's news roundup).

    It should come as no surprise, then, that the petro isn't really backed by oil, either. That, as we'll get to in a minute, would defeat the purpose. The way it actually works is that Venezuela's government says it will value your petros at whatever price it calculates oil is at when you use them to pay taxes. What it won't do, though, is give you oil itself in return for them. So, if you're looking for a way to bet on the price of oil that only works as long as you owe taxes in Venezuela and believe one of the least trustworthy governments in the world will keep its promises, well, the petro is for you. For everybody else, you can just buy oil instead.

    CFLs contain up to about five milligrams, about the same amount as the ink at the tip of a ball point pen. and why government and industry is gearing up to recycle them instead. Here at this plant in New South Wales, fluoro tubes are crushed down and every part of the lamp is recycled.

    In Travian you had the ability to construct multiple buildings at once but in Dragons of Atlantis you can only build one at a time. It doesn't affect the overall game as it's simply a game mechanic but it felt slow. It just felt like you couldn't get as much done each time you visited the game.

    Going back to the items, some of the new codes added were COVEFEFE, LITDABFAM, and ArtilleryPigeon. My mechanics rep number (the bit you log to show who sold what) I also made a item number for, so if you accidentally typed your rep number in the item number column, you be selling an item called Hungers For Beans a more physical sense, during holiday periods when we had hanging decorations, I stuck tiny Pokemon figures in hard to reach places while I was up there, at least one of which, an Abra, still remains.

    NYPD description: The 40th Precinct is the southernmost police precinct in the county of the Bronx. The command consists of such neighborhoods as "Port Morris" below East 138th Street predominantly industrial with a multitude of warehouses along the southern border. Residential areas of Port Morris are sparse and lightly populated. "Mott Haven" East 138th Street to East 149th Street contains both heavily populated residential areas as well as two main commercial zones. "Melrose" north of East 149th Street consists of both residential and commercial sections.
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