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  • Just as anticipated, on Friday, Feb. 15, asteroid wow classic gold 2012 DA14 passed us by, zipping27,000 kilometers (17,000 miles) above Earth's surface well within the ring of geostationary weather and communications satellites that ring our world. Traveling a breakneck 28,100 km/hr (that's nearly five miles a second!) the 50 meter space rock was a fast moving target for professional and amateur observers alike.

    You can argue (please do) whether this is a culturally enforced stereotype, or physical conditioning from thousands of years of pregnant women, or a mixture of the two. But I think we, as a culture, see women as vulnerable, as being more susceptible to danger. And I think this works on me more than I comfortable to admit.

    Intrigued and wanting to know more, we decided to make use of at our recent Annual Durham Users conference. We asked people to tag messages relating to the conference with the hashtag durbbu10. We also decided to use a service twubs to display the tweets to people who didn use so they weren excluded.

    Patient suicide has perhaps the greatest emotional impact on recent health workers and patients' families. According to the 2010 Joint Commission report, 75% of inpatient suicides occurred in psychiatric hospitals or behavioral health units of general hospitals. Patient suicide is highest among those 65 years old or older.

    On the very same day both of our kids faced potentially difficult or devastating physical trauma. It still scares me when I think about it. That night in bed, still in shock, I said to my wife, lives could have been forever changed today, not in a good way.

    Scrapbooking kits enable you and your kids to spend good times together. Scrapbooking is an art where children happily work while playing. It helps your children develop a hobby and explore their creativity. Take your chance to play like a pro and win in the Monopoly Championship Edition. You can play a genuine championship game in your own home, with added improvements on the past Monopoly board game for a more exciting time. Put your trading skills to the test and play, negotiate and win your way to the top of the league and do your best to win the included trophy.

    Watch will be staged in San Francisco Armory building in its regional premiere. Gregory Burke wrote the incendiary piece based on interviews with members of the Scottish regiment who served in Iraq. Directed by John Tiffany, the play puts a human face on our military operations in Iraq.
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