Drugs That Help To Quit Smoking
  • There are a number of effective drugs used to help the nicotine addict to give up their smoking habit. Nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) is an obvious example. However, there are other drugs that have a role in quit smoking. Zyban was initially formulated as an anti-depressant drug but during trials it became apparent that it was also effective as a quit smoking aid Buy Cigarettes Online. It is taken in pill form and although its exact pharmacological action is not known, it does appear to help reduce nicotine cravings. This is not a wonder drug. In the realm of smoking cessation, there are no easy fixes. During the initial phase of the drug program it is permissible to smoke and the plan is to gradually wean the smoker off cigarettes. There is no doubt that those who think it relieves cravings effectively as nicotine replacement therapy are going to be disappointed Tobacco Store.

    Is Zyban Effective As a Quit Smoking Aid?

    How effective is Zyban as a quit smoking aid? Clinical trials and studies have shown that Zyban use is associated with a 2 fold increase in smoking quit rates in comparison to a placebo over a 3 month period and 1.5 times as effective after 1 year Newport Cigarettes Carton Price. This translates to a 15% quit rate after one year. Of course this means that 85% of users fail to quit smoking whilst using this drug Carton Of Newport 100S. This depressing statistic underscores graphically how difficult it is to quit smoking. However, this quit rate compares favourably to quitting cold Turkey Newport Cigarettes Website, which stands at about 5% after 1 year and quit rates with Zyban are roughly comparable to quit rates achieved with nicotine replacement therapy.

    All drugs come with risks and side affects and Zyban is no exception. The majority of users will experience no problems and most associated side effects are minor in nature. The following list is not exhaustive and anyone thinking of using the drug as a smoking cessation aid is recommended to read the product literature. The most common findings include: dry mouth, dizziness and nausea. Some users have reported a problem concentrating. Less common side effects are: high blood pressure, loss of appetite, tinnitus and coughing. There have been reports of some serious side effects, although these are rare complications. The most worrying of these rare side effects is suicidal thoughts and behaviour and anyone experiencing such thoughts, whilst using the drug, should contact their health professional immediately Cigarettes Online.
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