The Development Of Vertical Mill
  • Fly ash is a very fine particle that can floats around in the air. The fly ash vertical mill we usually refer is the residue in the coal-fired power plant after the coal powder is fully burned. Fly ash is widely used in building material industry, plastic and rubber industry, waste water treatment and so on.

    In the building material industry, the fly ash is used in brick making, road and dam building, backfill project, etc. which will high save the cost and improve the project quality.

    With the rapid development of powder industry, the effluent fly ash vertical roller mill is increasing year by year. If the fly ash is exhausted into the air without any dispose, it will pollute the air.

    The granularity of the end products is 40-3000 meshes.If you have any questions about Fly Ash vertical roller mill or intend to attain other projects to your production line,you can give a message to us.

    Vertical Mill:

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