Deathloop games will be available for PC
  • How far do you know about Arkane?, well if you play dishonored series before then you might know about this games developer. Now after the long hiatus of the series, now Arkane come with their new released games which you may see through the latest trailer.

    Arkane have confirmed about the release of their new games, Deathloop for the middle of the next year.

    Interesting fact is, eventhough Bethesda who own Arkane is already under the microsoft flag, the game itself will exclusive timed for PS5.

    The story of Deathloop circles around a character who has mission to eliminate target while at same time he is also targeted by another character.

    The other player can play and hunt you as Julianna, so the games also provide multiplayer mode. But you can still play alone and let the character handled by AI.

    The games itself is also available for PC, beside console. So if you want to play optimally for this platform then you might need to see

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