The Ore Powder Raymond Mill
  • For the ore powder raymond mill, the annular nozzle is provided with a bypass device to make the iron piece The discharge chute that has no air flow is separated and then removed by the metal separator to reduce the wear of the internal parts of the raymond mill to a small extent.

    For different capacity requirements, design different sizes and quantities of grinding rolls, including auxiliary rolls to enhance the stability of the bed, 2+2 (3 + 3) form of the grinding roll design is more suitable for grinding calcite.

    The design of the spring-loaded system buffer of the calcite raymond mill liquid-gas combination makes the metal parts of the raymond mill have no metallic contact during the whole operation.

    Calcite raymond mill has advanced concept of grinding machine, simple process and small installed capacity. Grinding ultra-fine mineral powder can save 45-60% of electric energy compared with traditional tube grinding system, and grinding cement can save 35-40 % of electricity.

    Raymond mill:

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