Vertical Roller Mill Accessories
  • When purchasing vertical roller mill, users should pay attention to check the quality of accessories. Raymond mill parts quality affected the normal operation of the entire device to some extent. So, at the time of purchasing vertical roller mill, how to identify the quality of vertical roller mill accessories?

    vertical roller mill:

    Take the ring roller mill for example, how to distinguish their quality good or bad? vertical roller mill grinding ring and roller are generally made of high manganese steel, this material is not magnetic, when users buy the device can carry a magnet, if the magnet roller grinding ring can suck, it shows not a high manganese steel.

    The other way is to look at the appearance, hardness and toughness of high manganese steel is very high, and therefore the difficulty of its processing is also very large. Therefore, high-manganese steel mill roll grinding ring is usually only on the following internal holes and cutting, if the surface is very smooth process, it is not a high manganese steel.

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