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    Washington Post reporter Robert O'Harrow investigated Alaska native corporations' success in the wake of the federal contracting boom after Sept. 11, 2001. Alaska native corporations were created to bring development to some of America's poorest citizens in 1971, but billions in contracts went largely to nonnatives in the lower 48 states.

    I have questions that may shed light on some of this. As I understand it was a Gated community therefore would have had a fence or some control arround it. I would like to have some idea of why the boy may have been in the community. I do not in any way support what happened as it appears there are serious problems with how the man conducted himself and I believe he acted outside the law based on what I have heard. I believe in having the stand your ground law I do not support that itshould be used in a persue and confront situation as that is not the law. I also know that all the time young people are forced into scopping out residential areas for theift. If the boy had no reason for being there then it may shed light on what started this terrible sequence of events. I feel that George Zimmerman acted outside the law and a poor level of investigation was done by police based on the facts I have heard from the news.

    A datamine from this update also shed some light on new content that may be on the way to the game in the future. An image posted to Reddit reveals both Ahsoka and Padme have voice lines recorded from the game. This has led many to believe this characters will be coming to the game at some point.

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