Environmentally Friendly Architectural Home Plans
  • Building an environmentally friendly home is a must for many people these days, not only do we want to be kind to our environment during the building process but we also want that to continue after we move in. Including environmentally friendly items in your architectural home plans is far easier that you might initially think.
    The siting and design of your home is key to the environmentally friendly home, ensuring your architectural home plans include climate sensitive design where the position of the home is maximised to benefit from heat absorption from direct sun and minimising exposure to harsh winds. These two things alone can have a major impact on the heating and cooling efficiency of your home.
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    Once you have the orientation set then the materials you will use to build your home come into play. Concrete and brick are known for their high thermal mass which means they absorb heat during the day and release it at night, having a concrete foundation and block walls will greatly ensure the climate control of your home, if you don't wish to build your entire house in block, perhaps include a few feature spaces that will benefit from maximum sun exposure in your architectural home plans.
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