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  • Many skateboard enthusiasts like to collect vintage skateboard decks as a way to celebrate the skater lifestyle. Knowing what are the top vintage skateboard decks is key to any real collector. With so many vintage boards out there, unless you are extremely knowledgeable about vintage skateboard decks you may miss the chance of a lifetime for an ultra rare skateboard.
    Skateboards were first sold in 1958 and were simple planks of wood or sometimes metal with roller skate wheels attached to them. These were a surfboard shape and had clay or metal wheels. During the 1970s the urethane wheel was invented making even better skateboards but unimaginative for creativity. These vintage skateboard decks are great for collections because of the history surrounding these types of boards from first tricks, to the first skateboarding competitions, and the first skateboarding icons.
    The most sought after vintage skateboard decks come from the 1980s era. By the 1980s many skateboarders owned their own skateboard shops allowing for much more creativity in board design and art on the deck itself. There are many reasons for why some boards are extremely rare from limited edition boards, stores going out of business, and even artists changing jobs.
    Brand-X pushed the envelope for new art and better printing, when industry standard was 3 or 4 colors max. The Brand-X X-Con made in 1985 has 8 separate passes with some inks being translucent for that signature shadow effect. This particular brand is well known for great art and always a great buy.
    Of course some of the best vintage skateboard decks are so rare that it may be very difficult if not impossible to get. For these decks consider getting re-issues of vintage skateboard decks, these usually are very close to the original in design and have very good artwork. Of course if collecting isn't for you consider buying decks that are considered vintage with style and looks. With many different lines of decks there are no shortages of choice for your vintage skateboard deck.
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