installed epoxy floor
  • A covered epoxy garage floor can hide oil stains and other automobile related stains and also can fill in cracks. Contractors can be pricey for this type of home improvement job. In my area, for the upper end type of epoxy, a professionally installed epoxy floor can cost you upwards of $1,500.00USD.

    The only real benefit I could see to using a professional is that they usually will offer you a 5 year warranty that will cover you if the epoxy starts to peel or if large cracks form. They also use a professional grade epoxy which is different than the do-it-yourself kits that are available from Home

    Depot and other home improvement stores. The kits can be purchased from these stores, or also online from sites like Amazon sells some kits in the $70.00USD range, but for a garage my size, I would have to buy two of these kits to coat the entire garage. The kits come with everything you

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