planning to try the fence
  • selling Home Security and Fire Alarm Systems fence to fence. Crime rates are up due to the economy and the labor market being depressed and that makes a better market for the home Security System. Most Security companies will give you the basic system and install it and only charge for the monitoring and
    most of these sales (around 70 to 75%) are made fence to fence. That's where you come into play. If you are planning to try the fence knocking commission job do a little research first. Before you start out you need to look at yourself in the mirror, are you clean shaven, is your beard trimmed,
    are you casually dressed with clean clothes (no baggy pants) shoes look ok, wear shirts with company logo if you have one. Do you have ID card with company name and picture, put it on a lanyard and wear it to the fence, when the home owner opens the fence they can see your ID and want think you are
    " cost to install composite siding , exterior wood stairs design "

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