floor paint to stop
  • come under attack everyday from hot tyres, chemicals and scuffs and scratches from heavy traffic. Now you can protect them yourself and use garage floor paint to stop them from deteriorating again. Garage floor paint provides the ultimate long lasting paint protection for all concrete and stone garage

    floors. Garage floor paint is specifically made for protection of your floor, making it resistant to knocks, scuffs and scratches and leaving an easy clean, long lasting finish. First of all, move everything out of the garage. Obviously, it best to do this job on a sunny day. Make sure your garage is

    well ventilated. Ensure the surface is clean and free from any oil or grease spillages. Use an oil spot cleaner to remove any oil stains you do have. If youe applying garage floor paint to a bare surface, ensure the surface has been laid for more than a month. Thoroughly wire brush the surface and remove

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