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  • And, of course, there is this matter of the bull market in oil, which has taken WTI up to over US$75 per barrel a cheap wow classic gold level that would ordinarily be consistent with a Canadian dollar north of 82 cents US or around C$1.22 the way. The loonie is nowhere near 82 cents, even after this little rally, which told us that the NAFTA related uncertainty on its own only mattered to the tune of barely more than a penny! Imagine that if oil were all that mattered, if the loonie were truly just a petro currency, it would be more than 4 cents higher than it is today. And all those snowbirds and Buffalo Bills season ticket owners in Toronto, and along the Niagara Belt, would be dancing the Hora in classic bar mitzvah style..

    I could shave 40 days off the plan by just skipping that, but I want that in the long term. I will probably push it out some, as after I finish up the rest, I still have a bit of training on the ship side of things to firm up the fits. One of them requires a Legion as the hull, which I cannot fly as yet, though I am covered for the Tengu and Loki fits.

    Much work is being done to understand how accretion disk material is turned into a rapid outflow, forming an often knotted, clumpy cloud of outflowing gas. The general idea was that the stellar jet is ejected in a steady flow (like a fire hose), only for it to interact with the surrounding ISM, breaking up as it does so. However, a unique collaboration between plasma physicists, astronomers and computational scientists may have uncovered the true nature behind these knotted structures.

    Basically looking at a situation that is very difficult to find any positives for the Canadian dollar overall, said Issa. Fact, it probably going to continue to get worse. All observers are so pessimistic though. That would allow Staten Islanders to travel across the border, buy and use marijuana, and return home without issue. But, according tofederal law, they legally would not be able to bring weedback into New York, creating what could be a crackdown atthe Outerbridge Crossing and Goethals and Bayonne bridges.Inside a dispensaryAt Serra, an upscale boutique style dispensary in Portland, the cannabis buds are displayed inside glass cases. It is located on what is known as the Green Mile the largest concentration of marijuana dispensaries on any street in the world.Buying marijuana in Oregon: What it looks like, what you should knowIn Oregon, cannabis comes in many forms, including chocolate, and with names like Death Star and Jack Herer.We talked to Oregon seniors: Has their perception of marijuana use changed?At the Kings City Retirement Village, where a sign for Bingo hangs prominently outside, there was a lively debateregardingtheir perceptionsabout marijuana and how they may have changed over the years.
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