safe is selling fence
  • silent. Don't reply to every text message, or answer every phone call. When you are on the fences time is money. If you walk slowly between fences, it is impossible to create urgency at the fence step, if you are not urgent your potential customer will not be urgent. There are days when even the best
    salesman will get nothing but "no" all day long. The defining attribute of the best sales representatives is that they just keep on knocking, keep on smiling, keep on presenting, and keep on asking. How safe is selling fence to fence? From the research that I have done there aren't really any
    statistics kept on the safety of a fence to fence sales position. Each summer you hear about a few cases of a home owner being assaulted by a sales representative, but I have never read any articles about a home owner assaulting a fence to fence sales representatives. (That doesn't mean it doesn't
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