paint to the concrete floor
  • paint more readily, and the seal will be durable. The most common types of garage floor paints are: epoxy, polyurethane, or latex. Epoxy is the most highly recommended paint for the garage floor because cement and epoxy bond to each other very effectively. The finish will be strong and will withstand

    spills, car and bike tires, and foot traffic for years to come. The importance of a clean floor cannot be overstated prior to the epoxy-based floor paint. Dust and debris will cause the paint to bubble and crack which will prevent an effective seal. Polyurethane is one alternative and has a

    resilient finish so that stains and abrasions are less apt to mar the surface permanently. A high-gloss finish will result from the application this type of paint, but the preparation must include a primer coat to create the bond between the cement and the final polyurethane garage floor paint. The

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