choose them all equal
  • usually do or would like to do in your garden. For example, some garden tiles are more adequate if you have a pool in the premises, while others will be more or less adequate if you intend for this area to function as a place your kids can play on. Weather conditions are also important to take into

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    account. In general you should stay away from wood if you have not the time or the will of treating it and doing your best to keep it on its best shape. You could instead choose a more low maintenance floor type like stoneware or travertine. In this last case, consider that very porous stones are not the

    best choice if you live in a humid and cold climate since water can go inside the rock and break it once it freezes. Bear in mind that some pavements made of stone, wood or other materials also require a protective coating to resist water, heat, air moist and stains. If you want your garden to have

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