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  • Ylan Q. Mui: That's a really good runescape gold point regarding how much of their own money vs. Their parents money they spent. I'm sorry to report that the anti virus companies are losing this war. I encourage all readers to spend a few minutes over at the real time anti virus performance statistics maintained by CastleCops's Malware Incident Reporting and Termination Squad (MIRT). As soon as it receives a report of a new virus or worm infecting a machine, MIRT submits each to anti virus amalgamation service VirusTotal, which scans each piece of malware against more than two dozen of the best known anti virus engines out there.

    The actual thing that is MOST LIKELY to work is to "recreate" legacy WoW on the current WoW engine. That would mean they dont have to train people to work with outdated software, or upgrade any kind of old software. But it would mean that they pretty much have to recreate an entire game, all the spells, items and pretty much every single script.

    I'm going to reinterate Chris737's question, what is the difference between the Get There blog and the Dr. Gridlock blog? Right now they seem to contain similar, though (atleast for the past day) different content. But I can't figure out any rhyme or reason to why you have two separate blogs now.

    I couldn't write a blog post, to say the least. After week two, I completed two blog posts, an article and moved forward into the creative process for my book. Between the accountability groups, teleconference calls, and Facebook group, my confidence and excitement soared.

    You think he doesn know how to cover his tracks if he was involved? The Democrats already accomplished what they set out to accomplish with this investigation. Trump was not able to accomplish shit with the special counsel investigating everything trump has done from the years leading up to the 2016 election to every action trump takes now. We all know the fisa court is a thing, it a thing for a reason.

    But thanks to the continuous complaints made and the fact that Bungie went with the worst possible nerf, we PC users get hit with it too, turning weapons that were very competitive but nowhere near overpowered into guns at are "meh" at best. I worked hard to get Legend, I want a good reward not this crap. Sunshot needs a buff, stop with the hand cannons (after Rose and Hawkmoon, no more pls), make Ace a 150 so you can make 140s a 2 crit 1 bod in PvP, buff/rework a bunch of exotics that have little/no purpose rn..

    You should also make it clear that Blood DG necks aren worth the upgrade. They cost 200k tokens and only work in a single style. Whereas the versatility of blood fury is much more valuable. Perhaps it is because other than reading new stories, and not getting the full picture and making their own references they were presented with all available evidence and agreed that they were in accordance with the law and policies put into place based on the totality of the circumstances.Armydude19 4 points submitted 22 days agoWhat I don understand is how you expect to live in a country that primarily speaks English without speaking it.I worked with some factory workers in a summer job long ago that were Residents for 20+ years because they couldnt take the citizenship test. One man was finally waived the test when he turned 62 because of old age. He was an LPR for 30 years.My parents took some late night English courses at a community college after work when they first got here to learn English and both spoke it and understood it well after 2 years.

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