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    They can certainly watch what's going on, they can see every bit you send over the network. But if you're accessing a site over SSL, where you see a https:// in the address bar, you've got an encrypted tunnel between you and the destination sever. All communication between you and the site you're connected to get's encrypted before it leaves your computer and decrypted once it reaches the other end.

    Time limited means we just have to hope Blizzard gives a chance to get the items at some point in the future. Even in the case of guaranteed re releases (like anniversary next year, I think?), it still a poor argument for time limited items, because it goes directly counter to your "loot boxes just save time" point. Your RNG over time played doesn mean a thing.

    A silly example: you can't kill a dragon without getting 60 people on the same page. Ok, that's going to be a lot of diversity, and it's not like everyone is locked into some pre existing structure. So its voluntary cooperation. The fundamental difference between Chicago, New York, and London compared to the DC area is that the former three cities' public transport systems grew up with the cities. In the DC area, we're now trying to construct public transport to serve an area that grew up without it. That's a completely different task and a far more difficult one..

    Alright man, let start with the friends portion, you only really need 2 or 3 genuine friends. Anything more than that and you are probably lying to yourself. The key idea is that you confide in these friends and let them know that you are there for them, and in turn they will be there for you.

    Honestly, the best way to contribute is to edit! We always looking for new editors and its a lot less complicated than you might think to get started. If you want a for a strictly defined task, check out One Small Wiki Favour where we have weekly specific tasks to earn a bond. If you want more freeform stuff, we have a number of projects and general maintenance around the wiki.

    At the beginning of each round decide what you do on your turn. If you making a weapon attack roll a d20 + the weapon damage die. If you casting a spell roll a d20 + 1d6 + the spell level. Toxoplasmosis cysts are shed in the feces of infected animals. Since cats often use gardens as litter boxes, wear gloves when gardening and when you are washing raw vegetables and fruits, handling raw meat or scrubbing food prep surfaces. You should also avoid rubbing your eyes until your hands have been washed.
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