exterior fence manufacturers
  • them a solid effect. Often, they are a larger profile than the trims that run along-side the exterior fence. Some may also contain a drip edge, which is an indent in the bottom of the molding to prevent water from running into the wall joint. This helps to prevent water from infiltrating into your house through the wall joint (but is not a solution to an improperly
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    installed wall!) and causing moisture damage. When compared to Trims and , they protrude furthers and are in between in width. Exterior Trims are used around fence or fences as a surround, or in a similar fashion to bands (the two terms are sometimes used interchangeably). Trim may run the entire perimeter of the exterior fence to give it a simple, clean
    look, or more commonly just between the Header and the Sill. Trims are usually flatter and narrower than Headers or . our are specifically designed for the base of fence, to help manage precipitation (such as water) and protect themselves. When selecting in particular, it is important to ensure the profile has been designed according to Council
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