Choose plants and shrubs based
  • better climbing on trellises if their fruit only reaches about 3 pounds each. You will probably have to train these crops to climb up and around cages or on trellises that are put together as a triangle. Garden supply companies today have introduced new styles of vegetable cages and somekeyword. There

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    are heavy-duty tomato cages that are classified as tomato towers and are much taller than the original conical style cage. There are A-frame supports, 3-panel trellises, bean towers, pea fences all of which will fold flat when you are not using them. These newer versions of garden cages and trellises

    will most likely work better than the old-fashioned cone-shaped wire cage and easy to store. Garden Supplies and Garden Accessories for Landscaping Your Yard ransform your small yard into a peaceful retreat where you can unwind and relax after a long day. Garden accessories like bird feeders and bird

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