saves people government
  • 2003-1-3 origin: The Zhu Wen of the 4th China that saves people government to be sponsorred jointly by organization of cane of bamboo of national forestry bureau, world,outdoor 24x24 pavilions Hubei spends a red-letter day, xian Ning city will be saved to hold in Hubei in September 2003. As undertake one of units Xian Ning municipal government, hold meeting of special subject job for many times recently, begin preparatory work in full

    blast. Li Mingbo of secretary of salty peaceful municipal Party committee emphasizes for many times, chinese bamboo Cultural Festival is level of a state, international model 4x8 textured wood siding grand meeting, holding such feast to be on salty peaceful history still is first time. Whole town should unite a thought to know highly up and down, it is chance in order to do good bamboo Cultural Festival, come true " a 5 hurried " : It is

    development of stimulative bamboo estate. "4 countryside 6 course of study " bamboo heads, make brand of bamboo course of study, make the Zhu Xiangzhen austral another name for build a 400 square foot deck Hubei province is holding a bibcock high. 2 it is stimulative city construction. Through running a red-letter day, invigorate popular feeling, collect force, make the city is built go up again a step. 3 it is stimulative economy

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